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Because specialty*seeds on Fee Bay (aka ebay) has stolen some of my pictures and is using them to sell fake lily seeds (and FEE BAY has not taken care of it as promised months ago) I will be removing the photos soon.




Dear friends and customers,
I know many of you want more of my lilies but that is not possible, as you know lilies are a high maintenance crop, they are not getting any care and due to having no inventory or relabeling done for many years I do not know what there is left alive.  There are certainly no bulbs availble of the quality you have come to expect.  My husband and I decided we would rather throw them out and let them die of neglect than listen to the constant noise and harassment here and due to the antifarming attitude of this state they will not be sold from here again.  A few of my hybrids have been send to England where they will be shown and if well liked, grown and sold there.

This website is closed, I cannot work in my fields anymore due to the constant noise and harassment so have lost my livelihood and my life's work. I can deal with agonizing back pain, knee pain, mother nature wiping out most of the corps, but denied the right to peace and quiet where I have to live and work is far too high a price to pay to continue.  After years of daily, nonstop barking (many times from dogs loose on MY OWN property) and many bulbs and plants damaged by marauding dogs I tried to get help form about 1 dozen sheriff's deputies and all I have gotten is lies, evasions, lies, procrastination, lies, refusals to help, and did I mention LIES???? Linn County "dog" control refused to anything about the loose dogs. The County commissioner was perhaps the worst lier of them all.

FYI this is supposed to be the law and probably is upheld for anyone who is NOT a FARMER in this anti-farming state.

Linn County Dog Control enforces the following laws within Linn County excluding the Albany city limits: * Licensing - Any dog six months of age or with permanent canine teeth which has been in your possession within Linn County for 30 days must be licensed (ORS 609.100).
* It is unlawful for dogs to run at large in Linn County. Any Peace Officer or Dog Control Officer may impound a dog that is found running at large. * No dog owner or keeper of a dog shall permit a dog to chase, kill, wound, or injure livestock not belonging to the owner or keeper of such dog. The owner or keeper of a dog that has injured or killed livestock is responsible for the amount up to double the amount of damages. Any dog, whether licensed or not, which, while off premises owned or under the control of its owner, kills, wounds, or injures any livestock not belonging to the master of such a dog is a public nuisance and may be killed immediately by any person (ORS 609.150).
* A dog in considered a public nuisance per ORS 609.095 if it:
1. Chases vehicles or people
2. Damages or destroys the property of others
3. Scatters garbage
4. Trespasses on private property
5. Disturbs any person by frequent or prolonged noise
6. Is a female in heat and is running at large

Well our livestock is long since been killed and not replaced because we CANNOT keep dogs out of our fenced fields. There are weekly news reports of pets getting killed or injured by dogs in this state, the killer dog's owners never seem to be charged with anything. I have TWICE had to abandon my home and move to keep my beloved pets safe and happy, JUST in this county alone due to dogs terrorizing them on my propery. Not to mention the thousands of hours of lost sleep and work because NOBODY will enforce the barking laws, even the ones that bark all night. I have been bit, my cat had been bit, one cat nearly got killed twice in his own yard from people who habitually let their dogs run loose-and that is just LINN COUNTY. I had several birds I raised killed by dogs and hundreds of bulbs destroyed.  Most recently our native orchid colony was demolished by neighbors who let their dogs use our field of trees for a latrine, they really liked scratching up the orchids. There are not many plants I can sell for that price but have few left and all in pots under cover now. They don't spread and are not multiplying that way. I had countless lily seedling beds and other bulbs destroyed a couple of springs ago due to the same dog repeatedly digging under the fence and romping around both of our fenced fields. I was up most nights patrolling in the rain, snow and sleet but couldn't managed to stay out for long at time. Many of the production beds have not recovered. One of our cats were terrorized and trapped in an outbuilding for who knows how long. My husband beat me a few times when drunk after having to listen to nonstop barking all day. FYI for you folks with good intentions, I did have him arrested, it cost ME $4,000 and he still drinks, I do NOT recommend it, keep the law out of it, they have destroyed my livelihood and saw to it my life's work is destroyed also.
The dogs are worse than ever, we just quit working outside. For example last month (Feb) was very nice, we finally made it out to the field to replant some badly sprouted lily bulbs. We had to listen to 6 dogs continually barking, ONE OF WHICH WAS ON OUR PROPERTY! This went on for most of the day, we threw out the bulbs out and quit. The county has made sure I know I have no right to protect myself, my pets and my property - so my business and my life's work is lost. I have been unable to do most of the cultural work on the plants this winter (the only time I can) There is no slugbait out, no fertilizer, no digging out the walkways and covering the exposed lily bulbs, very little replanting and no relabeling so many of the labels froze out of the ground and have been blown away. You can well imagine it has been several years since a good inventory has been done in the field. We don't do field cleanup anymore since it doesn't help with disease (microclimate is too bad) and I need the stems and debris to protect the lily bulbs from getting trampled or dug up by raccoons. We have a very large population of fat coons here, they are well fed on items like crab legs from the neighbors.
FYI we moved here to expand our cut flower business and grow Xmass trees, not necessarily to become a bulb farm. We were turning customers down having only 1.5 acres in production (and having our cut flowers on leased land destroyed by guess what - DOGS) After 3 years of brutal work we finally managed to move or start enough stock to have all our production here. I was also working full time with a 2+ hour commute because we couldn't find a suitable place after years of searching due to high prices and the fact that the state of Oregon has outlawed living on your own farm. We also lost about 30K on his tree farm since the state took the right to live on it away. It was unsuitable for farming since it was all slope and next to a commune that produced organic veggies. Organic is not an option with Lily bulbs, they get every virus that exists (just about) and several foliage and bulb diseases. So after 3 years of brutal work moving the business and working full time we had a late freeze which demolished the lily stems and then the Linn Co. road dept tore up the road for repaving (It had been done 3 years previous so this was an obvious mistake) It was nothing but dust all summer and well into the fall in spite of my pleas they finish paving it because I was losing my business. Needless to say dusty flowers are just as worthless as trampled ones. We lost all but ONE customer. FOR GOOD. There is a lot of talk in this state about supporting local growers but no action.  So we then started selling off the bulbs and plants, and not just lilies, we had an extensive collection of native plants and bulbs we had been learning how to propagate and grow, many of them make good cut flowers also. Since Lilies are about the only thing that sells on the website most of the others are not listed. Since I cannot work in the field I cannot care for the crops or harvest them so I cannot sell them. They not only have to be sprayed frequently to ward off disease and virus vectoring insects, they have to be checked for rougues and virus-EVERY bloom shoot. That is no longer possible for me to do. Some of you have noticed some mistakes in shipping, well that is a growing problem inspite of having gone through great expense and trouble to enclose the porch for a shipping area where the noise can be drowned out.   I cannot escape it for harvest and processing and had to quit digging several times this past fall due to noise and harrassment, I can only guess at how many customers I have lost because they did not get the bulbs they ordered and didn't tell me.  a
A few seedlings have been sent to England for evaluation and propagation and may be available several years from now (it takes about 10 years to get a seedling to market, so that would be 2020).
In the meantime I have posted a gallery of some of the seedlings I have been propagating for production, that is the only way you and I are likely to ever see them.


For unique, premium lilies for spring delivery please visit: Faraway Flowers 

For customers outside the US, please visit:  H.W. Hyde & Son

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